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2019 SCCPDS Innovation in Education Award:

Winner - Jason Fawley - Clinical Impact of Critical Care Summer School on Junior Resident Confidence in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit

2018 SCCPDS Innovation in Education Awards:

Winner - Hee Soo Jung - Assessment of Trauma Team Communication Using Automated Discourse Coding and Epistemic Network Analysis

Honorable Mention - Tiffany Anderson Development of a Video-Based Education Tool to Improve the Surgical Intensive Care Unit Procedural
        Consent Process
Honorable Mention - Jessica Taylor - Development and Implementation of a Surgical Critical Care/Master of Business Administration Program

2017 SCCPDS Innovation in Education Awards:

Winner - Daniel Haase - High-Fidelity Simulation of Balloon Tamponade for Bleeding Esophageal Varices:  A Novel Educational Model

Honorable Mention - Patrick Georgoff - Evaluating the performance of the Minute Feedback System:
          a novel web-based feedback tool for medical students

I.             Mission

This award will be given annually to recognize Program Directors, Faculty, or Fellows for development of innovative programs for education in Surgical Critical Care (SCC) or Acute Care Surgery (ACS).

II.             Goals and Objectives

1.  The award is intended to encourage excellence in the development of innovative educational programs.

2.  It is established to recognize meritorious program development that will:

          a.  Enhance the education and training of SCC or ACS Fellows, or

          b.  Enhance multidisciplinary or multiprofessional education related to the

management of critically ill surgical or trauma patients.

III.             Eligibility Criteria

1.  Applicant must be a current Program Director, Faculty, or Fellow in one of the following Programs:

a.  ACGME-accredited SCC Fellowship Program

b.  AAST-approved ACS Fellowship Program

c.  ABS-approved SEPSEP Fellowship Program

2.  The Program must be in good standing in SCCPDS.

3.  Each Program may only submit one entry per year.  If more than one entry is received from a Program, the Program Director will determine which entry will remain in the competition.

IV.             Submission of Abstracts

1.  A Call for Abstracts will be announced by SCCPDS in March annually.

2.  Abstracts must not contain any identifying names of authors or institution.

3.  Entry Forms and de-identified abstracts (1-page maximum) should be sent by

the applicants to SCCPDS Webmaster.

4.  The Deadline for receipt of abstract submissions will be June 1 annually.

5.  SCCPDS Webmaster will collect and distribute de-identified abstracts for scoring.

6.  An abstract cannot be submitted to both “Innovation in Education” and “Excellence in

Research” Award competitions concurrently.

V.             Evaluation Process

1.  The SCCPDS Board of Directors (or a designated SCCPDS Committee) will serve as the

judging committee and select the recipients of the awards.

2.  Awards will be selected and announced in July annually.

VI.             Award Amount

      1. One “Innovation in Education” Award and up to 5 Honorable Mention Award recipients will be selected annually.
      2. The “Innovation in Education” Award recipient will receive:

a.  $2,000.00 prize, plus

b.  Reimbursement (maximum $3,000.00) of travel, housing, and registration expenses for the award recipient to attend the SCCPDS Annual Business Meeting at the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress

3.  The “Innovation in Education” Award recipient must attend the SCCPDS Annual

Business Meeting to accept the award.

4.  Each of the Honorable Mention Award recipients will receive a $1,000.00 prize.

VII.            Report

      1. The “Innovation in Education” Award recipient will be expected to give a 5-minute summary report of the winning project at the SCCPDS Annual Business Meeting.
      2. This summary is a brief award-acceptance report at the SCCPDS Annual Business Meeting and should not be regarded as a national presentation of the work.

Updated:  04/24/2020