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2019 SCCPDS Excellence in Research Awards:

Winner - Patrick Murphy (ACS1) - Financial Toxicity is Associated With Worse Physical and Emotional Long-term Outcomes after Traumatic Injury
Honorable Mention - Tanya Anand (SCC1) - Time to Tracheostomy Impacts Overall Outcomes in Patients With Cervical Spinal Cord Injury (CSCI)
Honorable Mention - Rachel Morris (SCC1) - Predictors of Elderly Mortality After Trauma: A Novel Outcome Score
Honorable Mention - Jared Gallaher (SCC1) - Massive Transfusion with Whole Blood is Safe and Effective Compared to Component Therapy
Honorable Mention - Katherine Kelley (ACS1) - Safety of tracheostomy in venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Honorable Mention - Melike Harfouche (ACS1) - Indications for Operative Intervention in Severe Pancreatitis

2018 SCCPDS Excellence in Research Awards:

Winner - Jason Radowsky (ACS1) - Handheld Tissue Oximetry for the Prehospital Detection of Shock and Need for Lifesaving Interventions
Honorable Mention - Shailvi Gupta (SCC1) - Operative Procedures in Veno-venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation is Often Necessary
         and safe
Honorable Mention - Isaac Howley (ACS1) - Wound Complications after Closing the Open Abdomen in Emergency General Surgery
Honorable Mention - Brandon Parker (EM-SCC1) - Traumatic Brain Injury is not a contraindication to Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane 
Honorable Mention - Allison McNickle (ACS2) - The Impact of Pre-hospital Tourniquets on Resuscitation in Extremity Arterial Trauma
Honorable Mention - Megan Quintana (ACS1) - Contemporary Utilization and Outcomes of Lower Extremity Fasciotomies:  Results from the 
     AAST PROOVIT Registry

2017 SCCPDS Excellence in Research Awards:

Winner - Erin Hall (ACS2) - Trauma Transitional Care Coordination:  A Mature System at Work
Honorable Mention - Patrick Georgoff (SCC1) - Valproic acid decreases brain lesion size and improves neurologic recovery in injured swine
Honorable Mention - Lucy Kornblith (SCC1) - The Tired Platelet:  Functional Anergy Following Injury
Honorable Mention - Isadora Botwinick (SCC1) - Anger, Certainty and Critical Care Decision-Making
Honorable Mention - Christopher Tignanelli (SCC1) - Variability in Management of Blunt Liver Trauma and contribution of level of ACS-COT
          verification status on mortality
Honorable Mention - Christine Ramirez (SCC1) - Validation of Predictive Equations to Assess Energy Expenditure in Acute Spinal Cord Injury

2016 SCCPDS Excellence in Research Awards:

Winner - Cherisse Berry (ACS2) - Prospective evaluation of post-traumatic vasospasm and post-injury functional outcome assessment:
          Is cerebral ischemia going unrecognized in patients with traumatic brain injury?
Honorable Mention - Rishi Rattan (SCC2) - Patients With Complicated Intra-Abdominal Infection Presenting With Sepsis Do Not Require Longer
          Duration Of Antimicrobial Therapy
Honorable Mention - Tony Geilow (ACS1) - Higher PE Rate In Overweight (BMI 25-29.9) And Obese (BMI>30) With Standard Chemical Prophylaxis
Honorable Mention - David Hampton (ACS1) - Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA) Can Be Deployed Rapidly and
          Safely By Acute Care Surgeons
Honorable Mention - Cindy Hsu (EM-SCC2)Role of targeted temperature management in hanging-induced cardiac arrest
Honorable Mention - Aisha Shaheen (SCC1) - Hepatobiliary (HIDA) Scans Should Be Used to Confirm Acute Cholecystitis in Critically Ill Patients
          with a Non-Biliary Admitting Diagnosis Prior to Placement of a Percutaneous Cholecystostomy

I.             Mission

This award will be given annually to recognize Fellows in Surgical Critical Care (SCC) and Acute Care Surgery (ACS) for significant research endeavors and contributions.

II.             Goals and Objectives

 1.  The award is intended to encourage excellence in clinical or education research.

It is established to recognize meritorious research in SCC or ACS which will:

          a.  Contribute to our treatment and/or understanding of patients, or

          b.  Enhance the education and training of SCC or ACS Fellows

2.  The award is given to current Fellows in SCC or ACS.

Residents and Faculty are not eligible for the award.

(1-year SCC Fellows have an extra 1-year eligibility.)

III.             Eligibility Criteria

          1. Applicant must be a current Fellow enrolled in one of the following Programs:

a.  ACGME-accredited SCC Fellowship Program

(1-year SCC Fellows have an extra 1-year eligibility.)

b.  AAST-approved ACS Fellowship Program

c.  ABS-approved SEPSEP Fellowship Program

  2.  Applicant must not have completed Fellowship training prior to the notification of

award recipients in July. (1-year SCC Fellows have an extra 1-year eligibility.)

3.  Applicant must have conducted the majority of the research during Fellowship at the

Fellowship Program institution.

4.  Applicant must be first author of the research abstract and have a minimum of one co-

author from the Fellowship Program institution.

5.  Applicant must have one SCCPDS Member sponsor to attest to eligibility.

6.  Applicant may only submit one abstract entry per year.

IV.             Submission of Abstracts

1.  A Call for Abstracts will be announced by SCCPDS in March annually.

2.  Abstracts must not contain any identifying names of Fellow, authors, or institution.

3.  Entry Forms and de-identified research abstracts (1-page maximum) should be sent by

the Fellow applicants to SCCPDS Webmaster.

4.  The Deadline for receipt of abstract submissions will be June 1 annually.

5.  SCCPDS Webmaster will collect and distribute de-identified abstracts for scoring.

6.  An abstract cannot be submitted to both “Excellence in Research” and “Innovation in

Education” Award competitions concurrently.

V.             Evaluation Process

1.  The SCCPDS Board of Directors (or a designated SCCPDS Committee) will serve as the

judging committee and select the recipients of the awards.

2.  Awards will be selected and announced in July annually.

VI.             Award Amount

            1. One “”Excellence in Research” Award and up to 5 Honorable Mention Award recipients will be selected annually.
          1. The “Excellence in Research” Award recipient will receive:

a.  $2,000.00 prize, plus

b.  Reimbursement (maximum $3,000.00) of travel, housing, and

registration expenses for the award recipient to attend the

SCCPDS Annual Business Meeting at the American College of

Surgeons Clinical Congress

            1. The “Excellence in Research” Award recipient must attend the SCCPDS Annual Business Meeting to accept the award.
          1. Each of the 5 Honorable Mention Award recipients will receive a $1,000.00 prize.

VII.            Report

            1. The “Excellence in Research” Award recipient will be expected to give a 5-minute summary report of the winning research at the SCCPDS Annual Business Meeting.
          1. This summary is a brief award-acceptance report at the SCCPDS Annual Business Meeting and should not be regarded as a national presentation of research.

Updated:  04/24/2020