SCC Certification Pathway for ABEM Diplomates

The ABS offers a pathway for diplomates of the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) to obtain subspecialty certification in SCC.
More information from the American Board of Surgery (ABS) Website:  [ ABS ]


1)  Current certification eligibility in Emergency Medicine by ABEM
2)  Completion of a preliminary year of surgical training
3)  Followed by completion of an ACGME-accredited SCC training program at the same instituion

ABS-approved EM-SCC Programs (12):


University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore
Program Director:  Jay Menaker / William Chiu  (Approval date:  12/20/2013)


Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
Original Program Director:  Marc de Moya  (Approval date:  02/26/2014)
Current Program Director:  David King


Sparrow Hospital/Michigan State University, Lansing
Program Director:  Benjamin Mosher  (Approval date:  03/25/2015)


University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson
Program Director:  Larry Martin  (Approval date:  09/11/2017)


Albany Medical College, Albany
Program Director:  Marcel Tafen  (Approval date:  01/02/2014)

State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook
Original Program Director:  Marc Shapiro  (Approval date:  03/25/2015)
Current Program Director:  Randeep Jawa


St. Luke’s Hospital, Bethlehem
Program Director:  James Cipolla  (Approval date:  05/10/2013)

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Original Program Director:  Patrick Reilly  (Approval date:  02/26/2014)
Current Program Director:  Niels Martin


Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas
Program Director:  Laura Petrey  (Approval date:  04/04/2017)

Methodist Health System, Dallas
Program Director:  Manuel Lorenzo  (Approval date:  01/02/2014)


University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Original Program Director:  Raminder Nirula  (Approval date:  09/08/2017)
Current Program Director:  Alexander Colonna


Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Program Director:  Panna Codner  (Approval date:  05/30/2014)

Updated:  03/03/2020