Inspired by the art of compassion
and the science of health care

To represent the membership of the Surgical Critical Care Program Directors Society, the SCCPDS logo draws its inspiration from the dedicated academic leadership of SCC Program Directors and the advanced knowledge and skills of all SCC professionals, current and future Fellows responsible for the care of critically ill surgical patients.

The integrated arrows symbolize the broad knowledge base of a number of disciplines that is required for SCC professionals, and the variety of settings in which care for the critically ill surgical patient takes place. The arrow design also captures the sense of urgency and focus that SCC professionals bring to patient care, as well as the spirit of teamwork and support.

The green color in the logo, known as Pantone 340, represents surgical scrubs, the universally recognized uniform of SCC practitioners.

The typeface used in the logo, “Shanti”, in Sanskrit means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility or bliss. The typeface is classified as a “humanist sans serif”, which describes a clean, functional, modern typeface that also incorporates elements of handwriting, thus fusing the best of both art and science.

The SCCPDS logo represents a timeless and solid foundation for the continued growth of a dynamic and humanitarian community dedicated to optimal care for patients and continued professional growth for all current and future SCC leaders.